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This for the compressed solid fuel tablets is the new green environmental protection fuel for our company produces. This product to be provided with white non-toxic, the volume small, the quantity of heat high, the firepower strong, then carries conveniently. The use is safe, does not volatilize, may the standing storage (be possible above standing storage several years) and long-distance transport. The main supply to army and the bad condition frontier forces , as well as the outdoors camp, the military training, the long-distance tramp, the exploration, bakes, the emergency, the family, the scientific research, the navigation, the fishery, the building work site, and so on. It is first choice heat source for mountaineering traveling, the stir-fried dish, bakes and the open country worker's.
FIST. , Product describes
1, the specification: Dice: 45 * 45 * 11mm weight: 25 1 2g/piece; Packing: 49W49.5W12mm (or defers to customer request)
2, the product packing: In packing for transparent plastic bag seal packing. 8pieces/bags, 1 bag /box, each box of net weights 200 grams; Each box of internal installation 100 boxes, net weight 20 kilograms, paper box seal. (Or defers to customer request)
3, the combustion time: The 20g fuel may the fuel 15-25 minute, the firepower strong, the flame temperature may reach 600 0, smokeless tasteless, non-toxic and no residual, can boil thoroughly 250 grams rice or 1 kilogram water. the part of left can be used next time.
4, hardness: Hard (resembles compressed biscuit) .
SENCOND. The matters needing attention
Dont mix with food, lays aside the place which not contacts to the child, should preserve under the normal temperature, moisture-proof, away from fire.