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Chain SAW is the advanced machinery for quarrying marble or stand stone mine. The Chain SAW adopts a world-advanced technique, with excellent performance for quarrying and minimum cost of the cut. The machine will be able to execute vertical and horizontal cuts, at the same time be used in the places where water supply is a problemit can cut dry.

* Arm can rotating 360 angle, And working both horizontal and vertically; Having a prefect structure.
* Wet and dry cutting.
* No limit for the distance of cutting by combination rail.
* Minimizing Waste, No effect for the structure of block and it is easy to check the quality of block.
* To be compare with the wire-SAW, the Chain SAW does not need pre-drilling, and have no the problem of breakage and connection of wires.
* The shape of blocks cutted by Chain SAW is tidiness; No need shaping.
* The cutting cost is very low; Only one person can manipulate it.