Sell chain sprocket casting forging pieces

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The sprockets produced by our company include bucket elevator sprocket, conveyor sprocket, dreg disposal sprocket and various driven sprockets. There are complete and durable sprockets in our company.
Forging Chain, Cast Steel Chain, Sprocket, Steel Forging Pieces
The chains produced by our company are classified into: forging chain, cast steel chain, stamping chain and welding chain. The consumer can choose the proper variety, material and specification chains according to different materials. The scraper chain are forged minutely with the paraffin and shaped once. The material is 45 Steel. The forging chain is forged and the material is 40 Manganese. The roller chain is shaped by stamping. All kinds of scraper conveying chains, sprockets, industrial sieve plates, steel forging pieces and special specification scraper chain can be ordered as requested in our company.