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" Selamat Datang " means welcome in Indonesia The site is managed and created by Indonesians who truly love and know our beautiful country. We are not about slavishly listing hotels and tours. We are not in competition to list the most hotels on our site. Itravelindonesia is about visiting each hotel and providing real information to allow you to make an informed choice. Each hotel and activity has been stayed in and assessed. Treat us as your Indonesian friend who will only recommend comfort, safety and value. Once again, Selamat Datang and enjoy your holiday.

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Alternatively, you can invite us to review your hotel and have it placed for free if it meets our listing criteria.

None of these hotels pay to be listed on our website. Consequently, our editors have made it clear that our reviews are

Completely independent and honest.

These independent hotel reviews show warts and all.

You will not find uniformly glowing reports, as you would find in other popular websites.

We tell it like it is. Our reviewers have visited every hotel on offer, some openly, and many under guise.

At least 8 of our intended partnership hotels have opted out, being dissatisfied with our review. Well, if they were not willing

to let us be honest, we have no business recommending them to you anyway!