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Fit to both vertical and horizontal measurements
For measuring calipers and machine tools, etc.
Easy to operate.
keep stainless even exposed at sea.
Designed to check accuracy of machine tool tables and calibrate coordinating measuring machines. Permanently a stack of 10mm gage blocks are housed in a rigid cast iron frame to form a reference gage.
can be used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation for models up to 600mm range
Straight arrangement of block stack
made of ceramic block ( stainless even at sea)

Measuring Range Order No. Type Permissible Error
Level A Level B
300mm 022-153 Ceramic 12.0um 14um
500mm 022-155 12.5um 15um
600mm 022-156 13.0um 16um
300mm 022-163 Ceramic 12.0um 14um
500mm 022-165 12.5um 15um
600mm 022-166 13.0um 16um