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Yuanda JG series high strength chemical anchor bolt, used for steel construction to be regular , wall structure regular installing ideal choicing , machine of basing curtain have, offer the brand-new firm method of anchor to you.
Products mechanics performance through national building quality monitoring center, Zhejiang Province construction work quality surveillance examine large check organizations of standing etc. examine, get Chinese building materials engineering construction recommended products , the outstanding scientific and technological products in Zhejiang Province.

Product specification:

1. A pair of composition of chemical rubber tube: Acrylic acid resin, quartz particle + solidification pharmaceutical;
2. Glass tube is it pack easy to is it in charge of pharmaceutical quality to estimate to seal, glass tube make detailed aggregate after crushing --Quartz sand;
3. Resist the acid and alkali, resist and wear out , fire prevention heat resistantly, the humidity susceptibility is low;
4. It is good with the affinity of the concrete, a result is buried in advance in other words;
5. Is it expand stress of pinching to have to sill , apply to heavy burden and various kinds of vibrations load;
6. Install the interval and the distance is required lightly;
7. It is swift to install , condense rapidly , does not influence the construction speed
8. It is wide to construct in the temperature range, from (- 5 --+40) degrees Centigrade;
9. Resist and wear out , accelerate aging 5000h artificially , there is no change;
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