Sell chemical fiber fabric

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peach skin:
Moss peach skin 7132-3 T/NT 40/10/50 150D*480D
Moss peach skin 7052 T/NT 55/10/35 75D/2*160D/3
Moss peach skin 7132-2 T/NT 40/10/50 150D*480D
Moss peach skin 7133 T/NT 40/10/50 150D*480D
V shape moss peach skin 7054 T/NT 55/10/35 75D*160D/3
Plain peach skin 100% poly 75D*160D
Twill peach skin 100% poly 75D*160D
Spandex peach skin 97% poly 3% spandex
Twill heavy density peach skin 75D/72F*150D/144F
240T peach skin 100% poly 75D/72F*150D/144F 145*94

228T dull taslon 70D*160D
320T semi dull taslon 70D*320D
178T 184T 180T, 210T, 230T (dull) , 250 single weft dull taslon
320T single weft taslon
320T double weft (dull) taslon 70D*(160D+160D)
500T double weft taslon 70D*(250D+250D)
also we have all kind of check taslon,0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0. 0.8 0.3*0.5etc.
Jacquard taslon check, six side taslon check
2*1 2*3 3*5 twill taslon
Nylon honey comb taslon