Sell chemical intermediate-THINT-301 N-METHYL

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Product Physical Properties:
Chemical Formula:C5H9NO
Molecular Weight:99.134
Specific Gravity:1.028
Melting Point:-24.C
Boiling Point: 202.C
Flash Point:96.C
Refractive Index Nd20:1.465-1.470

-NMP is widely applied t aromatic hydrocarbons extracting, acetylene, and diolefine purification.
-NMP can be used as polymer solvents and polymerization process medium, such as polyamides,polyphenyl thioether(pps),etc.which are called engineering plastics;
-NMP can be used as aromatic fibre, insulate pesticide, pigment and detergent,etc.
-NMP can be used in battery, LCD, and semiconductor,etc.

Galvanized iron or PE drums of 200kg net weight.

Storage and transport:
Keep it in shady, cool and ventilation warehouse, far away from fire and heat source. Be cautious of loading and unloading.
Prevent package from damage t avoid leakage.