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High voltage chip capacitor, SMD capacitor, Multilayer ceramic capacitor.
Multilayer ceramic chip capacitor, can bear high surge voltage; small size, suit for SMT . widely use in measuring instruments, switches, communication device etc. Our company has gotten a big achievement on high voltage capacitor study. Stable quality, competitive price and swift delivery.
Hi-Q COG capacitors are ideally suited for
RF and microwave application requiring high
Q, low ESR, and high resonant frequency.
1) SIZE: 0603,0805,1206,1210,1808,1812,2220,2225. .
2) Capacitance range: 1pF~2.2uF
3) Tolerance: +_5% +_10%, +_20%
4) Rated voltage: 100V5000V
0805: 1PF103(500V) ,104(250V) ;
1206: 1PF103(2000V) ,104(500V) ,154474(250V) ;
1210: 1PF102(4000V) ,102-103(3000V) ,104224(500V) ,224474(250V) ,105(100V) ;
1812(1808) : 1PF103(4000V) ,153-273(3000V) ,33nF(2000V) ,68nF(1000V) ,
100nF(500V/630) ,0.15uF(100v/250) , O.22 uF(100V/250v) ,
0.33 uF 100v/250v,0.47uf 100v/250v, 1 uF 100v/250v, 2.2 uF 100v
2225(2220) : 1PF-103(4000V) ,153-223(3000V) ,333-473(2000V) ,0.1 uF 500v/630v/1000v,
0.15uF 100v/250V, O.22 uF 100V/250v,0.33 uF 100v/250v,0.47uf 100v/250v, 1 uF 100v/250v,2.2 uF 100v
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