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chitosan You May Also Be Interested In: chitosan color film immunity system
Appearance: white to light yellow flake or powder;
Item : industrial grade ; food grade; pharmaceutical grade; high density grade;
Packing : 12.5kg/sack(weaved) ; 10kg/drum(fiber) ; 10kg/drum(fiber) ; 20kg/drum(fiber) ;
Moisture %<=12.0
1. for human beings : first it is natural , without virulent and side effects , and can reduce heavy metal, too much of which accumulated in body will cause diseases . Second, it is being good for the immunity system by strengthening the liver function , adjusting pH in body , ameliorating digestion and so on . Third, the application in food because it can restaining cancer occuring .
2. It has peculiar physical and chemical capability and biological activating function so has been greatly applied as the food protecting health and medicine additive. Also in textile , cigarette, plastics, color film, printing, paper manufacturing industry , biological engineering industry, fodder, dirty water cleaning industry.
Available Colors
white to light yellow
Model Number
Power Requirements