Sell chlorinated paraffins, solid

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JSC Kaustik, Volgograd, Russia sells the following product of in-house manufacture:
-solid chlorinated paraffins with fraction of chlorine total mass 70  flame retardant (analogues are: chlorinated paraffin UP-1100, Hordaresin NP-70, Mostaflam CH-150, Chlorowax-70) .

CnH2n+2-xClx, where x=18-23
Cream or grayish powder
Chlorinated paraffin is used as an additive to polymer materials (polystyrene, polyethylene, synthetic rubbers, plastics etc. ) and rubber compounds to reduce their combustibility (as a fire retardant) and to strengthen their self-extinguishing properties. The recommended content is 5-12%, it is not reasonable to use it at a temperature higher that 130Q. Very soluble in chloroform and tetrachlormethane, restrictedly soluble in acetone, benzene. Used for producing chemical, water resistant and fireproof paints based on perchlorovinyl resin, chlorinated rubber and other polymers. At custom-tailored service it is possible to change characteristics with increasing the melting point.
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