Sell chopped strand mat

chopped strand mat
This mat is made of fiberglass strand or roving which is chopped into 2-inch long
and distributed on mat machine uniformly and continuously. The range of
applications includes FRP pane, yacht, bathtub, tank and plats by hand layers
Technical Characteristics:
Product No. Type of Glass Type of Binder Loss on Ignition (%) Moisture Content (%) Available Density (oz/sq ft)
CSM-1 C Powder <8 <0.3 0.82-1.96
CSM-2 C Emulsion <8 <0.3 0.82-1.96
CSM-3 E Powder 3-5 <0.2 0.49-2.95
CSM-4 E Emulsion 3-5 <0.2 0.74-2.95