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Molecular Formulas as following :
Lemon Chromate : 2.5PbCrO 4 PbSO 4 +xAl(OH) 3 +yAlPO 4
Light Chromate : 3.2PbCrO 4 PbSO 4 +xAl(OH) 3 +yAlPO 4
Neutral Chromate : PbCrO 4 +xAl(OH) 3
Dark Chromate : PbCrO 4 +xAl(OH) 3
Orange Chromate : PbCrO 4 +xAl(OH) 3
Characters : Lead Chromate is a kind of bright-coloured yellow pigment with advantages of strong overspreading ability strong tinting strength, resistance to solvent and heat, grinding dispersing easily. Meeting Hydrogen Sulphide in changes into black.
Uses : Lead Chromate Pigment is widely used in the industries of painting, printing ink , rubber, plastic and stationery etc.