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The specifications is followed:
Items Spec
Appearance colorless or white crystal
Identification and solubility pass test
Clarity and color of solution 20% water solution clarity
Assay 99.5-101.0%
Humidity Max.0.5%
Sulphated Ash Max.0.1%
Sulphate Max.150 ppm
Oxalates Max.100 ppm
Calcium Max.200 ppm
Heavy Metal Max.5 ppm
Iron Max.50 ppm
Chloride Max.50 ppm
Readily carbureted substance standard color
Barium pass the test
Bacterial endotoxin Max. 0.5%
Aluminium Max.0.2%
Arsenic Max. 1 ppm
Mercury Max. 1 ppm
Lead Max. 1 ppm
Organic volatile impurity pass the test
Tridodecylamin Max. 0.1 %
U. V. Readiation absorption value pass the test