Sell cleaning cloth

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lintless -absorbs free of lmpurities
touth-lasts for yesra\s with normal use
resilient -resists most chemicals
remove from fube and soak in warm water.
ring our moisture until merely "damp" .
use anywhere you would use a towel or hide chamois.
metarial :pva shammy
technique-south Korea
tube:plastic tube .

other cleaning cloth
1) Composition: viscose and polyester: the ratio of viscose and polyester is according
to the demands of customers
2) Specifications: the gram range is 30-80gsm; the width is 10-200cm
3) Features: great water-absorption, soft touch
4) Applications: non-woven can be made into dusters, wet wipes, soft towel rolls
and medical dressings, which are widely used in medical care, sanitation and family life