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There are 3 kinds: 1) . 1/2/3 ply normal non-woven facemask. It is made of a breathable fabric has efficient filtration, and minimized particle generation, free of silicone oil or odor.2) . 4 ply carbon facemask. The 4 ply active carbon facemask is composed of pp nonwoven cloth on the top and bottom layers. The middle two layers are active carbon filtration material and melt-blown non woven cloth. This kind of facemask is odorless, can filtrate bacteria, dust, micro granules, and organic poisonous gases effectively.3) . Cleanroom facemask. It is made of ES material, with the PU head-loop or ear-loop by clean woven material with high elasticity. It feels soft and comfortable against the face and will not cause harm to user. It widely applied in industrial cleanroom & production environment which is demand high cleanness.