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Lifting capacity: 4,500Kg
Lifting height: 1800mm
Lifting time: 60-70s
Power: 2.2kw
Voltage: 3/N/PE-380V
Rated oil pressure: 18Mpa
Weight: 780kg
Lifting height: 1700mm
Height of Columns: 3710mm
Clearance between Columns (inside to inside) : 2850mm
Clearance between Columns (outside to outside) : 3070mm
This equipment has elaborate design, uses double posts structure, hydraulic drive works steadily, operates easily and less noise. There is safety setting inside, safe and trusty. This equipment needs less space; it is the perfect equipment for vehicle maintenance. User can choose two models of symmetry and asymmetry.
Note: The beam of this lift can be flexed. There are three positions: 2610mm, 2850mm and 2910mm. User can choose one of them.
Hoist structure: hydraulic oil cylinder is installed in two columns, when oil goes to low chamber; piston rod goes up and makes the pulley move up by chains.
Support structure: when the car enters workaround, the cushioning is on the effective support position by adjusting the angel and flexing of two rocker arms. Or adjust the cushioning position according to the height of cars chassis. The equipment equips with regulating sleeve.
Balance structure: during the lift and lower, connect the two pulleys by two steel wire ropes for keeping balance, force the two pulleys move in-step.
Safety lock structure: there are safety locks on both two pulleys. When the car is lifted, they fix the position automatically. When the equipment starts to work, the pulleys will keep on the fixed position and wont lower. Because two sets are installed, there is double safety.
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