Sell clenbuterol test strip

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Principal: Clenbuterol Test Strip applies the principal of Competition and Restraint Immunity Chromatography. The Clenbuterol will combine the specific monoclonal antibody with colloidal gold mark when it is moving, which will restrain the combination of the antibody and Clenbuterol-BSA coupling agent in the inspection paper. If the Clenbuterol is more than the test threshold, the T-line will not show color, so it is Positive. Whereas the T-line shows RED color, so it is Negative.
Product threshold: 3ng/ml, 5ng/ml and due to your demands.
Operational procedure: 1. Add about 3-4 drops urine sample (60-80ul) in the card hole and wait 5-10 minutes. 2. Judge the results.
Applying Area: Before killing swine, In urine labs, and others.
Notice: 1. Throwaway test strip at room temperature.
2. Immediate use after open the package, or may be ineffective.
3. Avoid shining in the sun when testing.
4. Double check when it is positive result.
Specification: 20pcs/case
Storage: 4-30 Celsius, cold storage for long time.
Period of validity: 12 months