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The cobblestone is widely applied in the public building, the villa, the garden construction; lays down the road surface, the park rockery, the bonsai packing material, the landscape art and other high-level overtop structure. It both propagates the Eastern ancient culture, and manifests the West to be classical, to be graceful, returns to the artistic style which returns to original condition plain.
The cobblestone for the water purification, the sewage treatment, the electric power, the botanical garden and so on a project has also provided the high quality material. Also for the ceramics, the precision casting, the papermaking, spurts rubs, the chemical industry, the monocrystalline silicon, the national defense and so on to provide the original auxiliary material.
Material quality: 95% above silicon dioxide (SiO2) .
Surface smooth finish 98%, compressive strength above 600 Kg/M2.