Sell cold water soluble film

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(1) Inner bag of pesticide, chemical products. Avoiding touch these, and no pesticide
left in plastic bag.
(2) Bag of cement addition. No dust pollutes environment.
(3) Carrier of embroidery and periwig. Serve as a foil to the product, easy to clean.
(4) Mold-releasing of artifactitious parts. Putting the film inside the mold and
the mold is easy to take off when the film is dissolved.
(5) Curve printing (water transfer printing) . Pre-printing the desired pictures with
water soluble film, then Transfer printing the pictures onto the elements which
need to be printed by water pressure.
(6) Seeds bag. Seeds are bagged by the film at regular intervals and are embedded
in the land. Saving seeds and working time.
(7) Hospital laundry bag. No touching the bag contaminated.
(8) Packing clothes and dissolved by hot water.
(9) Laminated with other film and suitable to food packaging and air cushion.