Sell collission repair system

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SAMPLE 2200 is a kind of common equipment, accurate, fast, no working blind area, conforming to the convention of technician maintenance and low sales price, so being welcome in auto repairing companies.
 Supplying the best platform of one machine, multi purpose by its small tolerance of flatness. (E. g. four wheel location, etc. )
 Towing pulling tower, i. e. external hanging mobile pulling tower, can revolve 3600 around working plane.
 Special plane structure complying with the Eight Diagrams Principle. Tank net structure complying with workers operating requirements ( special chain fastener and tension equipment )
 Slight and flexible annular pulling tower operates more convenient and labor saving. Counter pulling tower counter-pulls more strong and efficient.
 Hydraulic systems supplied by the American ENERPAC Company.
 Streamline designed fixture nearly considered correction in any deformations.
 Worldwide synchronous auto body datum was supplied by MITCHEL Company and domestic auto companies, keeping the update auto data support.
 Alloy measuring system of high intensity. Special aluminum material is adopted to carry out three-dimensional solid measuring and control dimension of car-body to comply with original one.
 Hydraulic systems supplied by the American ENERPAC Company.
 Perfect service system; completely release all your