Sell color masterbatch(dye/pigment) from China

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1. Pigment dispersion
Use Switzerland CIBA-GEIGY wet method grind technology to pre-disperse pigments Treatment and particle diameter of pigment reaches 15m and Pigments gain better performance, higher pigmentation, more brilliant hue, better dispersibility. It can be ued in coloring of PP, PET fibre, PE, PP film, PP film, PP cable and also can be used in the field of PE thermoplastic powder painting & ink.
2. Polyolefin masterbatch
Common masterbatch is used in pigmentation of Puff film, drawbench, plastic injection, and etc.
Fibre grade masterbatch is used in pigmentation of long thread, short thread, unwoven cloth, film, super-thin film etc
Plastic injection grade masterbatch is used in pigmentation of injection.
3. Cable masterbatch
It can be used in pigmentation of cable insulative Polyolefin resins
4. Polystyrene masterbatch
Use in plastic injection, extrusion of PS, HIPS, ABS, SBS material etc. polystyrene products
5. Polyolefin masterbatch of aging resistance
Use in puff film of PE, PP material, injected plastic and drawbench etc. products
6. Cool masterbatch of Polypropylene filature
Join cool masterbatch of some quantity in production Polypropylene filature in order to improve condition of filatue process and reduce temperature of filature production.
Used in extrusion or injection for plastic material production to increase rate of flow of resin and reduce temprature of production.
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