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1. Cameral lens model: SAMSUNG 1/4 color CCD.
2. 440,000 pixels camera, the color has no distortion.
3. Resolution: 480 TVL.
4. Lens with green filter.
5. Min. intensity of illumination of lens: 0.1 LUX.
6. Focus mode: manual or automatic
7. Auto-focus distance: 150-500mm
8. Real time magnify or dwindle, optics magnify:18 times, electric magnify:12times
9. Lens signal-to-noise:48dB
10. Video signal mode: PAL/NTSC
11. Level definition: >= 480 lines
12. Ken range: 100-25mm
13. Image input: video svideo.
14. Min. intensity of light source:0.2Lux.
15. Light source with annular fiber optic, can adjest brightness
16. Use without time limited
17. Depth of field: 50mm
18. Electronic shutter speed:1/501/10000 second.
19. Showing magnify multiple and calculagraph-control functions.
20. Image handling: display images real time, freezing, storage, delete, image-magnifying or dwindling, auto-focus, manual-focus, adjust light intensity, green filter, normal real-color mode chosen.
21. Data storage: 175 pieces standard pictures collection can be compared with and analyze, edit diagnosing reports, amend patients information, clinic diagnosing advice, database contain and memory big capacity case history(bidding files need mark storage amount) . Case management: multimode(case number, name, age, date and so on) . Index, lookup, analyzes, edit and print.
22. Function of colposcope RCI evaluating.
23. Input power:(work power) AC220V110%, 50Hz
24. computer picture working station
A. Hardware:
PIV2.4G CPU, 256M. 80G, 1.44 drive, CD-ROM, USB connector
17"CRT, HP high-definition ink printer
B. Software:
Containing picture view, comparison analysis, diagnosis report, case file management and system setup etc.
25. A. Power supply- AC220V110%, 50Hz
B. Environmental temperature: 100-300
C. Environmental humidity: <=85%