Sell column/packaging machine parts/seam packing prodution line

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Column bodies have been treated through chromium plating, moisture proofing and abrasion resistance.
A rotary handwheel can be used to vertically adjust seam height freely along a toothed rack.
The column is equipped with casters for convenience in its free placement.
Special design and manufacturing can also be fulfilled according to user's demands.

Available Seaming Machine Head:
Model DS9C, Models DS-6 90/91 and 100

Available Folding Machine:
Model CP4900-I and Model CP4900-II

Column Seam Height: 900~1445 mm
(Distance from needle center to ground)

Suture Motor 3-phase Asynchronous Motor + Electromagnetic Clutch (24 VDC)
Brake Motor imported from Germany (380V/550W)

Total Weight 200kg