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Column Chromatography Silica Gel appears to be white powder. Its main composition is SiO2nH2O. It does not dissolve in water and non-organic acid, but dissolves in hydrofluoric acid and strong caustic alkali solution. It can adsorb humidity in the air. Due to the duration time difference of absorption to different substances composition, it can reach the purpose of separation and purification of mixed composition of different substances.

Membrane Solutions offers a complete range of Column Chromatography Silica Gel with good quality. Raw material of column chromatography silica gel contains definite configuration and contains low impurity according to requirement and characteristics of column chromatography silica gel. Column Chromatography Silica gel is available in meshes ranging from 40 to 800.

 Consistency, high quality
 Its main constituent is silicon dioxide
 Homogeneous size
 Average aperture: 8.0-10.0nm
 Average pore volume: 0.8-1.0ml/g
 Rich fine porous structure
 High specific surface area
 High purity and high activity
Column Chromatography Silica Gel is used in separation, purification of chemistry of Pharmaceutical Synthesis, Organic Synthesis, chemistry of natural product and Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry, etc. It can be used to separate and purify the effective constituents of traditional Chinese medicine and prepare high purity substances. It can also be applied to the carriers of chromatogram and medication as well as flow aid.
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