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1. leimeng comb is a multi-function and health cared comb it can maintain cerebrum healthy and nurse hair quality provide the nutrition to cerebrum , go ahead the micro-circulation and nanometer magnet therapy at the same time.
2. pertinence to the person who is alopecia, head blood circulation xabi, hair follicle block, hair nutrition is not good, use brain over and so on. Also can enhance hair own density and flexible, make the hair jet-black.
3. fit for the light disease person who is headache , sleepnessless and forgetful , nervosism and so on
4. the person who is strong pressure, nerves , overwork should adjust feeling , pay a attention to rest before treating. Alopecia areata patients can embrocate pathosis part with the hair-grow tincture or ginger, seborrheic alopecia should avoid the hot , oily food cigarette and wine.
allocation: main engine , 2 AAA batteries , packing description
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