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Dimension (L x W x H) : 2,000 x 1,000 x 105mm
Aperture area: 2.00 square meters
Cover material: low iron glass/tough glass
Cover thickness: 3.2mm
Approximate weight: 38kg
Absorber material: red copper and copper-aluminum compound
Surface treatment: electroplating plating black chromed
Construction type: ultrasonic welding
Header material: copper TP2
Header tuber size: 22mm (diameter) x 0.6mm (thickness) two pieces
Riser material: copper TP2
Riser tuber size: 10mm (diameter) x 0.5mm (thickness) eight pieces
Insulation material: fibre glass insulation
Insulation thickness: back: 50mm and sides: 30mm
Frame: 6063 aluminum alloy
Back plate: aluminum plate (0.3mm)
Maximum operation temperature: temperature 200 degrees
Maximum pressure: 0.6mPa
Sealing gasket: EPDM
Distinctive technology for high heat preservation
Good capacity of obtaining pressure
Integration with construction
Long life-span