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 Step 1. spun PP filter cartridge
Raw water flows through this first filter(5 micron) . Solid particals such as sand, rust, clay and algae are removed in this step and the water is purified preliminarily.
 Step 2. granular activated carbon(UDF)
For use to remove bad smell and filter organic sediments in water
 Step 3. Compressed activated carbon(CTO)
Further purify the water and absorb chlorine byproducts, odour and solid impurity in the water.
 Step 4. Reverse osmosis membrane(RO)
Reverse osmosis membrane with a pore size of 0.0001 micron, drastically removes bacterials(0.4-1 micron) , viruses(0.02-0.4 microns) , heavy metals, organic compounds, etc.
 Step 5. In-line Post Active Carbon Fitration
Adjust filtered water tast, keep water fresh.

Features of RO-100A:
model: ROA
Type: RO-100A RO-200A
RO-300A RO-400A
dimension: 440W210W830mm
applied place: commercial use
power 220V/50HZ Water storage capacity of pressure barrel 11 gallon
Power rating 24W Daily water supply rating 380L/day
Operating pressure 0.1-0.5MPa Total water supply rating >=4000L
Water supply 15.6L/H Ambient temperature 50-380
(Remark:the above parameters are parameters for item RO-100A)
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