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Indoor air pollution is one of leading environmental problems. Now you can take control of your environment with the BY series of air cleaners. The BY500 is an extremely effective indoor air purification system.
Intelligent VFD indicates wind speed/direction, timing, ions, photo-catalyst +-, and power on/off
Super air volume and professional filtration technology
Elegant shape, distinguishing design
Energy consumption (max) : 200W
Material: ABS
Main display: VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display)
Noise: 52dB(high) 50dB(medium) 48dB(low)
Operation mode: remote control / press key
Auto time setting
Ion generator 3*106/cm3
CFM: 292
UV light wavelength: 253nm
Fan motor: 650T, 500T, 400T (Auto protection system installed)
Application area: 450  1100 sq ft
Removes particulates such as dust mites, lint, pet dander, hair smoke, and pollen
Removes odors, irritants, chemicals, formaldehyde, ammonia, and chemical gas
Kills bacteria, viruses and germs