Sell common high speed ball security camera

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type: ZT-RP18CN/W

power: AC24V 15%

environmental temperature : indoor ball : (0lC--+40lC) outdoor ball: (-40; --+60; )

environmental humidity: w95% non-dewy

power consumption: 20W

mode of communications: RS485 overall line

baud rate of communications: 2400/4800/9600/ 19200bps

horizontal revolving speed: 0.5l-280l (64 grade of speed-changing)

horizontal revolving range: 360l unrestrictive revolving

pitching area: 90l

automatic turning function: automatic turning by 180 degree when put straight

automatic control of the zooming speed: self-adjustable contraled by the pan according to the length of the zooming

2-point scaning: random

2-point scaning speed: with 128 grades, enactable

number of pre-location: 64

the speech reaching each pre-location: 1-8adjustable

staying time at each pre-location: 1-255seconds, adjustable

scouting group: 4groups

number of each scouting group: 16pre-locations

fan, heater: 24VAC Both fan the heater are automatic(high speed ball is set to control the temperature)

synchronized mode: interiouly synchronized/exteriorly synchronized

mode of scaning: 2: 1 interlaced scanning

definition :>480line

minimun illumination : 0.7Lux/0.002Lux

Aperture : automatic/manual

focus: automatic/manual

zooming rate : optics 18times

focal length : 4.1/73.8mm

graphic angle : wide angle 47, distant angle 2

backlight compensation: backlight compensation

white balance: automatic

gain control : automatic

signal control: NTSC/PAL

Signal-to-noise ratio: >55dB

video signle output: 1.010.2Vpp
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