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We are an established textile weaving company founded in 1976 in Turkey and currently are in the process of renewing all our weaving lines and to buy new ones instead. We are selling the following weaving machinery, if any of them would be of your interest please do not hesitate to contact me.
 8 x Sulzer Ruti L5100, Type S190 N2 SN TE Airjet Weaving Machine with complete Staubli electronic 2580 dobby, 16 shafts, 190 cm working width, 2-colour selection,1992model
 26 x Sulzer Ruti L5000 Type L1THS 190 Kn & 190 R airjet weaving machine, 190cm working width, 2500 and 555B type dobby, 16 & 14 shafts,1986 & 1980 model
 8 x Sulzer Ruti L5000 Type L1THS 190X airjet eccentric weaving machine, working width 190cm, shafts 1983 model
 10 x Saurer SD 400S rapier jacquard weaving machines, working width 185cm, 4 colours with Staubli CR-620 jacquard on top, 1344 hooks, 1989 model

 4 x Kaiser compressor type ESB & DSB
comprising of:
2 x Kaeser Type ESB 250, year 1991, 132 KW
1 x Kaeser Type DSB 200, year 1988, 110 KW
1 x Kaeser Type DSB 170, year 1984, 90KW


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sulzer ruti L5100, L5000, Saurer
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