Sell complex sodium nitrophenolate

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It is a kind of plant growth regulator with broad-spectrum, high activity, is developed earliest in Japan. The product is nacarat powder, contents>95%, PH7-8, water insoluble substance <0.5%.
Functions: The product has very strong penetration force to cell and can promote flow of cellular bioplasm, rooting, germinating, enlarging leaf, greening, growth health and vigorous, preserve flower and expend fruit, promote nutrient absorption, raise potency of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, remove pesticide harm and promote recovery, fight droughts and cold, resist disease and contrary, improve crop quality etc. It is suitable for various crops, various soil qualities and climate and multiple application methods.
Application: The foliar fertilizer each mou applying 0.3-0.5 gram, application concentration 3-10 ppm at very good effect; flushing fertilizer each mou applying 2-3 gram, drip irrigation fertilizer each mou applying 1-2 gram. The append quantity used for pesticideand chemical fertilizer can refer to this concentration application range.