Sell composite aluminum plastic thin marble panels

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For marble we use aluminum plastic as a backer material.
Aluminum thin marble panel has the same function as fiberglass thin granite panel.
(1) . 4mm marble laminated with 3mm aluminium plastic backer, total 7mm thick.
(2) . Light weight: 3.70 pounds/sq. ft (18kg/sq. m) , while 11.30 pounds/sq. ft of 2cm marble slab (55kg/sq. m) .
It is only 1/3 weight of 2cm marble slab, so it is the ideal material for decoration high buildings to deduct weight of the buildings.
(3) . It is a good material for renovation old houses or hotels.
If want to renovation an old house or old hote, our aluminum thin marble panel is your first choice.
It is unnecessary for you to take off the old covering ceramics or tiles or slabs,
What you need to do is just to cover our thin panels on the old coverings directly,
Our thin panel is very thin, it will not affect the space of the house or hotel after being covered directly on the old materials.
By this way, you save a lot of time and labor cost.