Sell composite bearing, bearing, bush

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0.5mm thin wall enables it for zero clearance installation
Hiplast is a self-lubricated bearing material , based on bronze expanded metal
mesh with PTFE resin as filler.
l Suitable for non-lubricating application.
l Low coefficient of friction, good load carrying capacity and wear resistance.
l Thin wall (0.5mm) enables compact design and zero clearance installation is
l Excellent chemical attack resistance and thermal conductivity.
l Compared with polymer bearings, it is of lower heat expansion.
l Diverse product forms are available by punch processing

Features l Applicable in self-lub state shows. Low coefficient of friction, outstanding load carrying capacity and wear resistance. The thin wall thickness (0.5mm) construction for compact design
l Shows an excellentresistance to chemicals and thermal stability
l Very small clearance (to prevent rattling) could beattaiud by installing according to the installationmrthod method specific to Hiplast based on the method of installation unique to Hiplast
l Due to the adoption of bronze expamded metal mesh, and excellent thermal conductivity