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Composite products is a new product based on modern technology, using 3~5 mm natural marble tiles laminated ceramic or other materials. They are used in decorating the star hotel, the top-grade office building and top-grade house, etc.

We can supply seven different marble composite panel:
Aluminum Plastic Laminated Panel, Fiberglass Thin Granite Pa, nel, Honeycomb Laminated Panel, Ceramic Thin marble panel, Granite Thin marble panel , Fire proof Thin Granite Panel and Mosaic Pattern Panel.

Compare with common stone panels, Composite products have four advantages
Safety:The standard Stone Honeycomb Laminated panel&Aluminum Plastic Laminated Panel only weigh 1/5 of common stone panel, which reduces the self-weight of building, thus greatly improves the safety of the indoor&outdoor ornamentation of high-rises
. Energy saving and environment protection:Especially for Aluminum Honeycomb Laminated Panel, because of its special structure, the air layer inside aluminum can greatly reduce the heat conduction between indoor&outdoor to save the energy. According to the mensuration, its conductive coefficient is only 1/10 of common stone panel. Further more, this products use only 3-5 times, thus greatly save natural resource
Excellent capability:1) The intensity is high, marble composite is it give up strengh 258N/cm, better than original board 3 times to sprain the above.2) It is yellowing not to suffused with the alkali, Because marble composite baseplate ceramic tile and resin glue layer have separated water corrode material, dispel marble and cement wet suffused with the yellowing common fault of alkaliing after sticking to, stone of the wall material can directly wet to stick to, is it hangexpenses to do to economize, is it hang angle steel and space that pendant take to do to reduce, have increased the use area.3) Light:Marble composite are two times light than common plate.4) Ideal glue and form the intensity:Test indicates, stick to put forth effort:91N/cm2, these is no phenomenon of stripping under the gravitation function above 33 tons for the marble composite panel of 600x600mm in the specification.5) Strong heat resistance, for a long time (120 hours) in have not stripped, changed color etc. to usually reflect under 100 degree centigrade of environment
Convenient installation:We offer various products of different specifications, different stone surface material and different structure forms according to customers'demands. They are easy to install&applicable for wall znd celling, therefore greatly expedited the construction schedule.
About the Behaviour of the material
Ceramic Thin Marble Panel is always use for flooring. Because the weight is more heavy than other materials
Granite Thin Marble Panel is heavy that can be used for flooring. It also can be used for exterior cladding. Because it is very thick. But you know granite is more heavy, so this composite is not the first choice for exterior
Aluminum Polyma Thin Marble and Fiberglass Thin Granite Panel are mostly used in interior decoration, such as countertops, table top, furniture top etc. There are many specialities of these two panels
Light weight:The weight is only 1/4 or 1/5 of common stone panel
It can be processed to big but thin size, the biggest size is 1400x2800x8mm
Convenient installation:It can be sticked by glue directly
Energy and excellent capability:These materials become new & good choice for exterior cladding
Super-thin Stone Honeycomb Laminated Panelis mostly used in exterior cladding. Because it is very light. The weight is only 1/3 or 1/4 of common stone panel. It is easy to install.
Fire Proof Thin Granite Panel also use for flooring. The advantages:1) Fire Resistant 2) Sound Proofing 3) easy to install and block out fire and sound decibels
Mosaic Pattern Panelcan be used for interior&exterior flooring and interior wall. But, because of the restrict of equipment, the biggest size we can do is 600x600mm
About installation
For the panels for flooring, you can use cement in interior directly
For Fiberglass Thin Grabite Panel and Aluminum Polyma Thin Marble, you can use ordinary glue(We always use one named AB glue) to stick the face. But, pls note, the face you want to stick must be flat.
For Super-thin Stone Honeycomb Laminated Panel, it can be cladding directly when processing
About cutting
The way of cutting is the same as other common stone panel

About specification
The max size of Mosaic Patten Panel is 600x600mm
The max size of Ceramic Thin Marble Panel is 800x800mm
The max size of Granite Thin Marble Panel and Fire proof Thin Granite Panel is 1200x800mm
The max size of Aluminum Polyma Thin Marble is 1200x2400mm
The max size of Super-thin Stone Honeycomb Laminated Panel and Fiberglass Thin Granite Panel is 1400x2800mm
Note:The thickess of all the products is according to your requirement