Sell computer controlled multi-functional mobile shelvings

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computer controlled multi-functional file seried rack possesses No. ZL99206151.2 National Patent Certification.
the product is a kind of intelligent file set that is integrated with hand motion, electric motion and computer control. it is attached with a set of electric driven running structure, mainly composed of computer, electric drive, manual drive, stand pole, shelf, side board, chassis and so on. it could be changed into hand opertion when power cut.
1. integrated with hnak motion , electric motion and computer control, no need to swift.
2. functioned with manula or time ventilation when being operated under computer
3. attached with room humidity and temperature display and smog inducting alarming set in the rack
4. protective infrared ray and safety switch, protection under electric shock, over burdening, short circuit and break
5. each set is fixed with safety key and power cut fitting
6. each line has its display of depositing place
7. bar code scan to record
8. automatically seach file automatically and open the rack of file
9. with the function of close the rack when overtime automatically and alarm with sound
10. when customer want to use his own former database, we can offer DDL and help to develop special database