Sell computer-controlled rollerless stocking-knitting machine

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Model numbers (FZ2003-A型 全 电 脑 无 滚 筒
Main features:
1, One stock can knit one main color and four accessory colors.
2, 12 colors per line can be knitted
3, All of the knitting and weaving systems are controlled by computer
4, Maintain high-speed operation to improve internal triangle.
5, The stepper motor is adopted to adjust yarn tension and knitting density.
6, Yarn track and triangle can be controlled by electronic hollow pressure
7, The maximum pattern range is 1200 lines
8, The computer and electronic parts can be automatically protected by sensing apparatus.
9, Oil can be automatically supplied and the oil level can be automatically indicated.
10, The pattern design system can run universally on the different computer operating systems
11, Three-phase power supply 220/380/415V and frequency 50/60 Hz are compatible
12, The main pars are fitted with common accessories and can be interchangeable with other machines
13, Machine will automatically reset to zero when it is started.
14, The pattern can be saved in spite of power cut or other reasons
15, UPS system is installed so that weaving and knitting can still continue during power cut.
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