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this machine is mainly used for lace decoration of shell fabric, curtains, etc. and it also has the same functions of mending sequin machine. After simple setting, customers can embroidery various combination designs with this machine.
1. easy matching:components used of positioning, which incorporated in or attached to the machine can work with the computerized sewing machine with main shaft controller and general sewing machine equipped with clutch /servo motor to provide the function of sequin sewing.
2. simply displying and operation by LED and equipped with key-press system.
3. high speed sequin delivery with stability:the speed can reach 1200 sequin /min.
4. it can be set by programming to support different sequin delivering mechanism:single wheel, double wheel, single fork and double fork; the moving angles of wheel and fork can be set by programming.
5. it supports design editing.
6. besides of design editing, there are 55 built-in designs(according to applications, users can add more to the number, the maximum capacity is 99) for users to selectg and embroider.
7. it supports manual sequin delivery(mending) . press the buttons on the panel to control either front or rear motors to deliver sequins.
8. its supports 'stitch locking'. users should use this function on insert two stitches before embroidering to maintain intergrality of the design.
9. it features the functions of parameter memory and design memory. after resumption of the power, parameters remain and embroidering continues.
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