Sell computerized automatic body-cleaning toilet seat

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Warm water washing, move up and down, pulse washing
Spraying water automatic after relieving yourself, dispensing with toilet paper, freely adjusting water pressure, the porduct has a good physical therapy for patients who suffer hemorrhoids or anus inflammaiong.
Special design for women washing
Expect the nozzle regular cleaning, the special nozzle is added for women cleaning to meet the special requirement during women's menstrual adn pregnant period. Sanitary and convenient.
Warm air drying
The buttock is dried by warm air which temperature can be freely selected in use, make you comfortable in relaxation.
Constant temperature toilet seat,
antibiotic toilet seat and nozzle
The temperature of toilet seat controlled by microcomputer can be changed freely in use, The toilet seat and nozzle are made by antibiotic material which can restrain germ breed and prevent to intersect infection.

Automatic deodorization
Use hi-tech deodorization filtrate core, the toilet bowl can eliminate the peculiar smell and avoid the suffering bring to users.
Adding medicine for physical therapy
The special clean liquid and other medicine can be added into the washing water through the medicine-add outlet, which will bring a better physical therapy effect when washing.
Damping buffer
The damping system is designed by physical buffer theory to quietly open and shut the cover and seat.
Energy saving
Pressthe key of Energy saving, the energy saving program start. The water and tolet seat keep low temperature status,6 hours later cut off the heating power automatically.