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WPG200 :

1. Working as road planer, can be widely used in road surface preparation projects.

2. Floor preparation: remove mastics, adhesives and rubberized coatings, mill scale and rust from steel or road surfaces.

3. Level uneven surfaces and trip hazards.

Main parameters:
1. Widest working width: 200mm
2. Working depth: 3-5mm
3. Drum Assembly: Changeable
4. Depth control: Adjustable
5. Shafts for cutter drums: 6
6. Working efficiency: 100M2/h
7. Length X Width X Height: 980 X490X 1000 mm
8. Weight: 107Kgs
9. Engine: Electric Motor 7.5KW / 9.0HP Engine

Function advantages
1. Designed working width: 200mm
2. 6 shafts, a variety of cutters available
3. Precise pitch adjustment, the milling depth can be accurately controlled
4. Can be linked with the cleaning equipments.
5. quick-change drum design
6. Equipped with safety switches, the engine can be quickly closed.
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