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6. Gas Powered Screeds
Floor screed; road construction; ground vibrating; evener
Main parameters:
Largest thickness: 260mm
Longest length: 28meters
Engine: Honda GX160, 5.5Hp
Frame unit: 0.76/1.5/3.0 meters for choice

Scope of Application: For a one-time completion of the ground vibrating and grinding the road, bridge, airport, squares, and modern concrete plant.

Function advantages:

1. Working length error is less than 3 mm and the maximum working speed is up to 1M/min.
2. Gasoline power, no need other external power. The power of vibration of the whole machine is large and average, and vibrate and rammer adequately.
3. With three unitization standard (3.0mm, 1.5mm, 0.76mm) , and the working span can be flexibly adjusted. It is very convenient to install and uninstall.
4. Compared with the traditional simple machine, gas powered screed has a higher working efficiency and continuous flatness, greatly increasing integrity of the concrete
5. Solid and high-strong steel frame and wholly galvanized steel scraperboard ensure long working life.
6. two-speed hand winch or hydraulic winch controls the walking of the whole machine. The operator can easily control the walking speed of the machine.
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