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professional manufacturer of
1, Conjugated linoleic acid-Triglycerides (CLA TG) ,
2, Conjugated linoleic acid-free fatty acids(CLA FFA)3, Microencapsulated CLA, 4, Conjugated linoleic acid-Ethyl Ester(CLA EE) 5, CLA softgel
Competitive price and excellent quality
All proudcts purities can be varied from 60% to 90% according to customer needs.
Molecular formula:Ca(C6H7O6K) n
Molecular weight:598.02
Cla content: 70% min.
Ca content: 6-8%
Moisture:10% max.
Appearance: cream or light yellow powder
Fineness: 80mesh or proceed according to required.
Tap density(g/ml) : 0.35-0.41
As: 0.0003% max.
Heavy metal: 0.001% max.

1) The soft gel contains 70%-90% CLA-RX oil (FFA, EE or TG)
2) It also has different sizes of 500mg, 750mg and 1,000mg according to customers'
specific requirements
3) It also is of different colours according to your requirement
4) Storage conditions and handling: the fatty acids in soft gels are very well
protected against atmospheric oxygen in soft gel form
5) Shelf life: provided that soft gels are stored at proper temperatures under normal
humidity, the product will be stable for at least 2 years

10kg,25kg carton inner plastic bags.

The product is the bulk oil on ethyl ester form containing 80% to 85% cla wholly derived from Non-GMO safflower Oil, clear colorless to slightly yellow liquid. The other products containing concentration of CLA ethyl ester are also available.
Technical Data:
Parameter Common Name Limits
C16:0 Palmitic Acid 9max.
C18:0 Stearic Acid 4max.
C18:1C9 Oleic Acid 10-20
C18:2C9, C12 Linoleic Acid 3 max.
C18:2, conjugated CLA 80-85
Cis9, Trans11 Isomer 36min.
Tras10, Cis12 Isomer 36min.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid
CLA Content : 80% min
Other Fatty Acid Content : 20% max
Estate : Oil Liquid
Chemical Form : Free Fatty Acid
Chroma : (Lovibond Comparotor 1.25 Inch Comparison Slot) : Red <1 Yellow<10
Supply Capacity
20000kg per month