Sell contactless single phase IC card prepaid electrical meter

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Function and Features.
1. Prepaid, adopts RF (Radio Frequency) and SMT techniques.
2. High accuracy, double display, precise measurement, stability, safe and reliable, low energy consumption.
3. Easy installation and operation.
4. Built-in over-voltage&under-voltage protection.
5. Alarm function
Technical Specifications
1. Accuracy: 1.0
2. Current: 5 (20) A 5 (30) A 10 (40) A 10 (60) A
3. Meter constant: 3200imp/kWh, 1600imp/kWh
4. Voltage: 220120%
5. Frequency: 50Hz120%
6. Power Consumption: <0.5W
7. Environment Conditions for Working: -300~+550, relative humidity not exceed 85%(+250) .
8. Data in meter can be kept for 10 years when there is no power. IC card can be used for more than 100,000 times.
GB/T17215-1998 Grade A and Grade B Static AC Active Energy Meter
GB/T18460-2001 Prepaid Energy Meter
Favorable Evaluations from Clients
Lower failure rate, reliable operation and advanced technology.
Anti-attack and prevent power stealing and illegal use.
High quality and simple maintainance.
Power departments most satisfied prepaid energy meters.