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1. The structure is stable: steel structure, satisfy the intension requirement, safe and strong enough, and satisfy the requirement of architectural structure design criterion.
2. Easy to unpick and install: the wall and the roof material all adopt the color steel sheet sandwich panel. The house mainly uses the bolts to connect, the installation only need the simple tool. The house is designed according to the size of container, the transportation and the installation is convenient, it could be unpicked and install for many times.
3. The looking is beautiful: the whole house is beautiful and decent, the outer side and the roof are all color steel sheet sandwich panel, the color of the material is bright, the quality is smooth and the surface panel is flat, compared to the house steel frame , it is very harmonious, it has good decorate effect. It could be decorate freely.
4. The disposal is very active: the door and the window could be set at any position; the container could be installed at any side. The indoor separation could set at any transverse axes position; it also could install more separation. The stairs is outdoor stairs, could collocate with the front and the back wall or collocate with the mountain wall. Freely add (or minus) one (or several) extended unit (the width of the extended is 1224mm) ; it can make the house area enlarge or decrease freely. The window, door , the front and back panel and the position of the mountain wall could be changed freely.
5. Waterproof structure: the house adopts waterproof design, other waterproof method is no need, there is drain that set in the container.
6. The weight is light: the weight is about 50kg/m2, the installation, stack, transportation and keeping is very convenient.
7. The life span is long: the whole steel frames are processed by the corrosion proof spray, the life span is long, it can use about 20 years.
8. Environment protect product: the design is reasonable, easy to install and unpick, the waste rate is low, not any architectural rubbish left.
9. The size are varied: the standard dimension of the container is 20 inches, 40 inches, the dimension also could make according to the actual dimension.
10. High durable: the color steel sheet has good performance in sour proof, alkali proof, salt spray proof, etc. It is suitable for any wet and corrosive environment. It has the characteristic like: waterproof, sound insulate, heat reserve , seal, easy to clean , easy to protect and good looking.
Two: use widely
It can widely use in the architecture, railway, highroad, water conservancy, petroleum, industry, traveling , the military area office, meeting room, headquarters, dormitory, warehouse, shop, top building and many kinds of temporary house, and also could use in the settled architecture.
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