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Qualified molten steel from the steelmaking furnace will be contained in ladle and conveyed to continuous caster, poured into crastyllizer through pouring basket, then handled with the processes of vibration, water spraying cooling, straightening, roll conveying, flame cutting, and cooling on cooling bed, finally the formed billets will be stored at the stockyard or directly sent to the heating furnace of rolling mill for heating.

Continuous casts include units of R4m, R5.25m, R6m, R7m, R8m, R9m and R12m, and have specifications of 1 unit 1 pass, 2 units 2 passes, 3 units 3 passes, 4 units 4 passes, 5 units 5 passes and 6 units 6 passes. Continuous casters are capable of producing square shape billet (square billet) , rectangle billet (slab billet) and round shape billet (round billet) , and the steel brands consist of common carbon steel, high carbon steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel and etc.

Specification of billet:

Square billet: 80mmW80mm to 250mmW250mm

Rectangle billet: 150mm-200mmW250mm-600mm

Round billet: h100mm to h250mm