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conveyer belt:

Materials:stainless steel wire, middle low carbon steel wire, galvanizal wire, Nichrome wire, hard chromium aluminum wire, polyester silk and so on

Popular type
Characteristic: This net belt structure is simple, becomes by a spiral direction knitting, is suitable for generally from the generatrix.
Using: Food industry drying, lavation, as well as machine parts clean, dry, cooling, underloading object transportation
Sectional popular type
Characteristic: This net belt knitting is weaves in turn by section of left screws and section of right screws becomes, the usual connection is by the straight string strip or the curving string strip.
Using: Food industry drying, lavation, as well as machine parts clean, dry, cooling, the underloading object transportation, may make the most basic chain drive
Characteristic: The net belt mesh is big, the knitting is reliable, can undergo certain load, the spiral wire rod usually uses the identical specification the promotion wire.
Using: Heat treatment, machine parts annealing, food industry drying, leather, asbestos product processing
Straight string strip balanced type
Characteristic: Because uses the right and left screw symmetrical knitting, the movement is steady, walks is small, in the structure uses the straight string strip connection form, the craft is simple.
Using: At present applies in the glassware annealing furnace, as well as in industry each kind of goods dry and so on.
Combination balanced type
Characteristic: The combination balanced type network belt has teaches the close mesh to be possible to block the tiny object permeating, the net belt is reliable, the tensile strength is high.
Using: At present widely applies in the chemical fiber industry, laundering machine YL112, concise machine Q392, in food industry biscuit automaton
Chain drive network belt
Characteristic: When the important essential situation or the similar heavy load situation, selects the chain drive network belt all to be able to obtain satisfaction result. The fundamental mode should consider that, including provides drum feather piece and the union chain drive structure, the basic structure all may adjust under many environment.