Sell conveyor belt (special usage)

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1. Endless Conveyor Belt
Endless converyor belt is conveyor belt that has been made into endless without joint in the process. Its feature is that there is no joint of the belts. The belt is flat in surface and even in tension, thus it runs smoothly and its elongation in working is low.

2. Raised Edge Conveyor Belt
Owing to space limitation or in case of lifting materials at large slope, raised edge conveyor belt is often used to prevent scatter of conveyed materials. It is suitable for conveying materials at the large slope (0-900) .

3. Patterned Conveyor Blet
Patterned conveyor belt is composed of belt carcass and pattern. Pattern shap and height (depth) may be different because of different conveyed material and gradient of conveyor.
一 . On the belt surface, there is chevron pattern higher than the belt body. The pattern may be either open-end or closed. Each kind of pattern includes three types that is high, mediun and low.
二 . It can convey powdered, granulated and small lump materials at the gradient of no more than 400. It can also convey packaged materials.