Sell cook top glass

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Product Description
1. Made by silk screen printed, tempered glass, thickness, 6mm thickness with some holes
2. working temperature is 0-250 centigrade. screen
3. sizes as per coustom made
4. Color as per coustom made
Product Description
Product Feature
1) cook top glass Screen printing: complies with RoHS standards, normal ink available
2) Fragment: complies with BS3193 appendix B
3) Impact resistance: complies with BS3193 appendix D
4) Thermal shock: complies with BS3193 appendix C
5) Storage temperature: -10 - +800C
6) Working temperature: -0 - +2500C
7) Material: tempered glass

Fully-Tempered Glass:
1. About four times stronger than normal float glass of same thickness
2. Better resistance to thermally induced stress
3. Typically breaks into classic tiny piece pattern
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stove top glass, burner glass

Heat-Strengthened Glass:
1. About two times stronger than normal float glass of same thickness
2. Good resistance to thermal loads than normal float glass
3. Typically breaks into larger pieces
4. Less prone to spontaneous breakage than tempered glass
Product Specification;
Max. Size: 3050mm W8400mm Min. size: 200mmW300mm
Glass Type Thickness
Clear 2.8mm25mm
Tinted 3mm12mm
1. Suitable for use in spandrel/vision areas where good resistance to wind load & thermal stress is required
2. Suitable where safety glazing is required.
3. Appropriate for interior & exterior glazing.
Half-Tempered Glass:
1, Its performance of impact is 24-69MPA, the machine intension is 1.62.0 times than normal glass and have excellent heat stability.
2, High even level, light transmittance is near the normal anneal glass panel. It is better than Fully-Tempered Glass. And it could not blast-self.