Sell cordless caulking gun

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Cordless caulking gun:
1. Anti-dripping.
2. Light-weight, convenient to carry.
3. Li-ion battery is used due to the features of low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, long life, light weight, etc.
4. Each charge of battery can plunge up to 100 tubes of 9 silicon cartridge.
5. Durable battery life for 500 charge discharge cycles.
6. LED auxiliary light.
7. Adjustable speed switch.

Cordless staple gun:
1. Adjustable depth control knob.
2. LED auxiliary light.
3. Safety activation interlock.
4. Li-ion rechargeable battery 3.7V
5. High efficient driving capacity, up to 800 shots per battery.
6. Drives different length staple and T nail size.
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
1 month
Power Requirements
110 volts
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