Sell cordless grease gun

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The new second stage product has many advantages different from the first stage grease gun. It is as followed:
First, We use the new structure to drive the plunger, it improves the power efficiency. the dimension is smaller too.
Second, when the product is on transportation or the Children playing it. It is possible the switch will be turned on. the grease will break out, it will be dirty, and it is very dangerous for Children. the self-locking button can protect the transit and children safety.
Third, we add the LCD battery display. it can show how many capacity remained. it will tell the user when the battery need to be charged.
Fourth, if it is very cold in winter, the grease will be stiff. We add one warm blanket. It can insert the 12V cigarette socket in the car, and warm the grease. The grease will be soft.
Fifth, we add a seal part around the plunger, it can avoid the grease leak.